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LTA's S$100 incentive for early disposal of non-compliant e-scooters: What you need to know

SINGAPORE: Starting Monday (Sep 23), owners of registered e-scooters that do not meet the UL2272 fire-safety standard will receive a S$100 incentive if they agree to dispose of their devices early. 

They will also be able to dispose of their non-compliant PMDs for free at more than 180 locations islandwide. 

These initiatives by the Land Transport Authority come ahead of next July's ban on the use of e-scooters that do not meet the fire-safety standard.

Here's what you need to know if you are thinking of disposing of your e-scooter early.

1. Who's eligible for the S$100 incentive?

This initiative is for e-scooter owners whose devices are registered. To qualify for the S$100, they must dispose of their non-UL2272 e-scooters at the designated disposal points between Sep 23 and Nov 30. 


Those who dispose of their e-scooters after Nov 30 don't qualify for the S$100 incentive, but they can still drop off their devices at the designated points until Mar 31, 2020. Here's the full list of the disposal points.

The registered e-scooter must be affixed with both the Registration Mark and Identification Mark, and the registered owner must have a valid bank account number in Singapore. 

2. What if my e-scooter was de-registered before the early disposal incentive was announced?

Owners of de-registered e-scooters do not qualify for the S$100 early disposal incentive. But they can still bring the devices to one of the 181 locations for free disposal.

3. How do I apply for the incentive?

E-scooter owners will need to log into their SingPass account and submit an application at

Those who have successfully applied will receive an SMS acknowledgement containing a link to the schedule and locations of the disposal points, where they can drop off their devices.

For verification purposes, owners must bring proof of identity and the SMS acknowledgement.

If all goes well, the S$100 will be credited to the bank or PayNow account indicated on the application form within two weeks of dropping off the devices.

If you are not eligible for SingPass, you may approach a SingPass holder to submit the online disposal application on your behalf. The person submitting the form is required to provide their mobile number, your e-scooter number and the last four characters of your ID.

4. Can I authorise someone else to bring the e-scooter to the disposal point on my behalf?

Yes you may, if you have submitted the application with your own SingPass. You will have to provide the identification number and contact details of the person you authorised in the online application form.

If you are not eligible for SingPass, and someone else made the application on your behalf, you must personally bring the e-scooter to the disposal point.

5. My registered e-scooter’s Registration Mark is damaged. Is it eligible for the early disposal incentive?

LTA said e-scooters with Registration Marks properly affixed but damaged from normal wear and tear will be eligible, as long as there is no sign of it being tampered with. The characters on the Registration Mark must be legible.

6. I do not have time to bring my registered e-scooter to the disposal point. Can I arrange for my own recycler to pick up my device?

If you proceed with a private arrangement with a recycler, you will not be eligible for the S$100 incentive. You will also have to de-register your e-scooter separately.

7. I do not have a bank account. Can I receive the incentives in cash or cheque?

You need a valid bank account in Singapore to receive the S$100.

8. Do I need to submit multiple applications online if I am disposing of more than one e-scooter?

Yes. You need to submit one disposal application for each registered e-scooter.

Source: CNA/jt(gs)

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