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12V 22.3Ah Deep-Cycle Lead Acid Battery

12V 22.3Ah Deep-Cycle Lead Acid Battery

SKU: 018.187.006
  • Nominal Voltage (V): 12
  • Open Circuit Voltage (V/Block): 13.1 – 13.45
  • Number of Cells (Per Block): 6 Cells
  • Nominal Weight (Kgs): Approx. 7.0Kgs
  • Dimension (L X W X H) (mm): 181±2 X 77±2 X 170±2
  • Container Material: Enhanced ABS
  • Charge Voltage Float (V/Block): 13.50V – 13.80V
  • Charge Voltage Cycle (V/Block): 14.50V – 14.80V
  • Maximum Discharge Current (A): 150A (5s)
  • Maximum Charge Current (A): 2.7A
  • Description

    12V 22.3Ah Chilwee BG (BLACK GOLD) Series high energy VRLA Battery is specially designed based on Graphene Technology, which has obviously improved the battery’s capacity, output power, cycle life and high/low temperature performance. The Chilwee BG (BLACK GOLD) Series provides longer range, larger power and extremely long life for motive power applications, i.e. electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric motorcycles and other device that require DC power source.

  • Important


    *There will be no warranty if there is any damage caused by alteration/installation not done by MKP Service Centre.

    *Please confirm the polarity and product details such as dimensions of battery, charging/discharging input and output before purchase. 

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