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36V 9Ah Lithium Battery (Tornado AQUA / ALFA)

36V 9Ah Lithium Battery (Tornado AQUA / ALFA)

SKU: 018.167.001

The 36V 9Ah (324Wh) Lithium Ion Battery Pack is designed based on Li(NiCoMn)O2 Ternary technology with excellent cycle performance and high safety consideration. The battery pack comprised of 18650 battery cells in series and battery protection module is included to ensure supreme reliability.

The lithium battery pack comes packed in an external casing that fits perfectly into the Tornado Alfa electric bicycle without any alterations needed. It can also be purchased as a trusted battery source alternative should you need it to power up compatible electric bicycles, electric scooters or mobility devices as long as the charging and discharging outlet are suitable.


  • Complies with European Standard, CE, ROHS




*Please confirm the polarity and product details such as dimensions of battery, charging/discharging input and output before purchase.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Battery Design: Pack
    • Battery Cells Material: Li(NiCoMn)O2
    • Nominal Voltage (V): 36V
    • Nominal Capacity (Ah): 9Ah
    • Nominal Weight (Kgs): Approx. 3.0Kgs
    • Dimension (L X W X H) (mm): 320±2 X 150±2 X 57±2
    • Container Material: N.A
    • Max Charge Current(A): 2A
    • Charge Time (hr): 4h – 6h
    • Discharge Cut-off Voltage: ≥31.5V
    • Max Discharge Current (A): ≤20A
    • Pulse Discharge Current: ≤6.5A
    • Cycle Life at 100% D.O.D.: ≥600 cycle
    • Capacity Retention Rate at 0°C: ≥90%
    • Self-Discharge Rate (25°C): ≤5% per month


    *product does not come with charger

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