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Tornado AQUA (Red)

Tornado AQUA (Red)


Maximum power assistance speed:
Less than 25km/h (in accordance to LTA regulations)

Range (km):
Up to 50 (Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions)

LCD display, speed, distance, riding mode and battery state of charge

Lithium-Ion, 36v 9Ah

5-6 hours

Pedal Assist System:
Axle Integrated Sensor (A.I.S)

Brushless Motor:
250w epicyclic brushless DC hub motor

Gearing / Derailleur:
Single speed

Tektro V brakes


Aircraft grade 6061 aluminium frame

24″ x 1.5 Kenda

Curb Weight (kg):

Recommended Carrying Load (kg):
up to 120

Top Clearance (mm):

Seat Clearance (mm):

General Dimensions (mm):
1600 x 570 x 1000

Folding Dimensions (mm):

Handlebar Length (mm):

Handle bar Thickness (mm):

Colour: Red
  • Description

    The Tornado Aqua is an electric bicycle built for the mass, for our daily use in Singapore. It is something simple, not complicated. One gear, 5 electric speeds, simple operation and it must be a total no-brainer as requested by our customers, some whom are with us since 2004.

    The Aqua concept was first coined 2 years back. We were then looking for something that fits into our customers’ daily lives seamlessly. It should be useful, affordable, functional and and most importantly fulfilled the LTA requirements and the Singapore laws. So we went back to our drawing board and worked on it and voila…..Aqua is borned!

    It is light weight, only few grams shy of 20kg. It is single gear, a hassle-free mechanical requirement by most of our users who detest the complications of having multiple gears. It is simple to operate, just a meter to switch on power and do the necessary electric settings before cycling. It has a high torque motor that achieves effortless climbing on slopes. And most importantly it is approved by LTA Singapore, which gives our users a peace of mind cycling on public roads.

    I think enough has been said and it is about time to go for a ride on Tornado Aqua yourself. Go enjoy the ride and feel for yourself how it is like to “cruise like water”. Have fun!

  • Important

    *Price includes (LTA approval, LTA Orange seal, Registration Plate, GST) worth $799. Buyer pays $11 transfer fee directly to LTA. Our friendly staff will contact you upon purchase and guide you on the transfer procedure which will only take 10-15mins of your precious time (No administrative charge).

    *For electric bicycle to be used on Singapore public roads, the ebike has to be registered, and you will require your SINGPASS account to register it online, so do get that ready before purchase.

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